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Services We Provide

Our highly customized teams brings to each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other industries with challenges at stake.

SMART City Concepts and IOT

Smart City concepts are everywhere, we now need to blend with intelligent solutions, like smart lighting, smart grids and then encompassing with internet of things (IOT) and smart analytics.


Security is embedded in all technology to enable safe operations while at the same time minimizing eventual disastrous issues by being prepared. Security solutions like surveillance, face recognition technology, smart monitoring technology combining it with IoT

Consulting and Delivery Services

Develop innovative ideas and concepts for Smart Cities services and helping ironing out the concept and scope prior to making a project into reality, providing an accurate enablement of any services. Developing Services with an Off-shore and Near-shore concept.

System Integration

Partnering with best in class SI Service providers to make the traditional & non-traditional services reality in stitching the standard branded SI with the new IoT, making it seamless


Operational and Business solutions is of critical importance to ICT and it’s a challenge! Here we believe that we can combine existing technology (OTT) making it robust and critical thinking. We leverage with our partners from traditional telecom vendor partners and ICT CLOUD infrastructure partnerships specially in smart cities.

Software Development and Applications

Developing cutting edge software where possible to combine SI, BIG DATA, Analytics as ready as an “app” on a handheld device, making it seamless

About us

We are a group of socially responsible entrepreneurs who are seeking to engage with society, government and private companies to bring about “change” in our society.

Believing a single event, no matter how small, can make a change. The sum of all our collected endeavors will affect this monumental change and make a difference.

We seek anyone to join us on this journey. We partner with individuals, government, institutions and private companies to develop services. These services are not only based on singular technology but on set of engaging technology. As we see it, it’s a laboratory where all different types of technology can contribute for an optimal result. We are leveraging our trusted partners who seek the same outcome.

Intelligent Solutions
Risk management
Business development

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